Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

This week was great! Lot's of great things happening!
So Wednesday was Pioneer day. We got to walk in the Parade over in Washington City. We were told that we were going to walk behind Elder Holland. Which I guess we technically did but he was way further ahead so we only got to see him for like 5 seconds as he rode by on a wagon. It was super neat though. We were all freaking out! The parade was cool though. We all felt like celebrities. We pretty much are here in Utah. Haha it's funny!
Thursday Uncle Chris came in to the Visitors Center. It was so funny! Sister Sporl and I were in the back and I see some man walking up but he had a hat and his face down so I couldn't really tell at first. But then I realized it was Chris. He came up and said "Teach me. i want to be baptized." It was so funny! He definitely made a show at the VC. He kept calling Sister Sporl his future daughter in law because she is from Brazil and that is where Willie went. He came back and brought us Nelsons Custard. He is the best!
Then Saturday we had our miracle baptism! Fe got baptized! We did all her lessons in a week and a half and she was baptized July 27th and confirmed yesterday in church. Everything went so well. She is just so excited to be a member of the church! She is constantly feeling the spirit at church and her baptism was just filled with the spirit especially. She is great!
Yesterday we talked in church. We talked about... Missionary work! Hahaha of course! I used an analogy about Grandma Mary's Pancakes and how much we love it and that you share it with everyone and that should be like the gospel. If something has blessed our life we should share it! Everyone loved it and a few people even asked for the recipe. Haha. I also talked about one of our ancestors and their story traveling from Ireland to Missouri to Utah to be with the saints. I have been looking at my pedigree chart a lot this week and it is so interesting. When I get back Mom you will have to help me do Family History because I think I would really enjoy it!
Anyways, I gotta go soon so I'll talk to you later. This time next week Mom and Dad, you will be in the MTC! Crazy!
Love you all and hope you're doing well!

Ma Fe's baptism July 27, 2013 :)

Pizza at the Brigham Young home

24th of July Celebration

The back of Elder Holland's head in the wagon!

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