Monday, July 7, 2014

Hi, hows it going??

I hope everyone is doing well and had a great 4th of July! Ours was pretty good. It was weird because it was supposed to be a normal proselyting day but we were worried we wouldn't find anyone home. We did have a shift at the Visitors Center and it was so slow that we were able to watch 17 Miracles and Ephraims Rescue! It was so great! Ah loved the movies! Those movies give you so much more an understanding of what the pioneers did for us! They had so many trials but such great faith!!!!! One of my favorite parts is when Brigham Young is asking some of the brothers who can go to save some of the handcart companies. Some of the men say "I can go next week" or "I can go Thursday" but Ephraims says "I can go now." Would we be ready now if our prophet was to ask us to do that? Guess what? He has! He has asked us to save our other brothers and sisters. Those that need help! We need to hasten the work. What are you doing to prepare your brothers and sisters to come closer to Christ? Think about it :)

Transfer Calls: I am being transferred again. Yes this will be my 6th area and hopefully my final as I only have 2 more transfers left.. Ah okay we are not talking about that. So I am being transferred to the Washington Fields Stake. Its here in St George so we will be at the Visitors Center still. My companion will be Sister Hokansen! I don't know her too well but know she is from Washington state and she technically was not called to the Visitors Center in her call but she was transferred there last transfer. Interesting huh?Also... we are going to be STLs. Ya I'm freaking out! But I just need to have more faith. I know I am being called for a reason, and I know its what I need. This last week I really felt like I needed something more. I have been working my hardest my whole mission but still felt like something was lacking. I needed something to push me more and so here it is! Haha God is funny but He knows what we need!

I honestly dont remember much from this week but as I hear news from Sister Garcia throughout the transfer I will continue to update you on my Bloomington peeps :) That is something I love about serving in the Visitors Center- that we can see sisters all the time. Ones we have served with and just ones we have learned to love while serving there!

Well gotta go, love you all. I pray for you all hope you will pray for me too!!!!!! 

Picture Directory:
-It poured this week! And of course we had to run out in it!
-We played volleyball with some sisters last Pday!
-The worlds best corndogs!!! 
-4th of July movie time at the VC
-Sister Waiane goes home Wednesday!!!! So sad!
-More 4th of July fun :)
-My mission mame, Sister Sporl, came down to visit!!!!!!!!

~Sister Allen
New mission office address:
881 S River Rd
St George, UT 84790

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