Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014- "..and I did find peace to my soul" Alma 38:8

Hiiiiii, how's it going??

The gospel is here to bring us peace and happiness, hello!!!!!!! If we aren't happy then lets look at our relationship with our Heavenly Father and Christ and improve it! I love being able to see the difference in peoples lives as they live the gospel.

Today marks day 9 for Eric to be off coffee!!!! Pray that this will be an eternity thing though. He only committed to 9 days so we will see. But his fellowshipper/girlfriend, Debra is such a great support!!!! She has committed as well to live the Word of Wisdom better by being in bed by 10pm. Haha her and Eric made that deal. Debra left out of town this week so we had another lesson at the Hensleys, who are the live-in senior couple missionaries here for the stake. We decided that we needed to focus more on the atonement with Eric. He believes in the atonement and repentance but he feels like he is not worthy to repent. He thinks he needs to suffer more before he can be completely forgiven. Of course we know that repentance can be a process, sometimes longer for some sins than others but I know that repentance is real! If we say we can not repent we are disregarding the atonement and all the Christ has done for us! Anyways, we are trying to have Eric see and understand this. But Heavenly Father is smart and has his hand in everything. Last night Eric texted us and said "There was a good conversation in Elders Quorum today and on what? ...The atonement" Haha I love it! We will keep pushing forward with him though. We are kinda excited to have lessons without Debra there so we can touch more on the importance of eternal marriage, hahaha but really :)

Oh the Mechams are progressing so much!!!!! As we met with them this week we talked alot about how they have come closer to Christ as they have been reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and keeping other commitments. I just love them! Jay is just awesome! He told us that he loves the Book of Mormon and cant put it down. All time favorite thing to hear as a missionary. And Kerry isn't quite there but she does enjoy it as well, maybe just doesn't see the importance of it yet. She told us that she is concerned of what her family thinks of her meeting with us but great news- Another way Gods hand is in all things. So Kerrys parents work for a man who just got home about 1 month ago from being a mission president! Kerry said that they (The Morbys, mission president) are wanting to get together with Kerrys parents. And Kerry was like I think they want to teach them about the church too! Hahaha I'm sure they do :) I love sweet tender mercies of the Lord!

Danielle is one of our investigators as well. Not sure if I have mentioned her yet but she was supposed to get baptized last month but is living with her boyfriend, Klint. And they have a 2 year old son together so that stops her from moving out and shes not so sure about getting married yet. Well Klint is a member but not active and wasnt really ever. He never sits in on our lessons but we had dinner this week there and he came in for it! He opened up and told us about how he was raised in the church. He said his mom would take him to church but just drop him off and not stay. So he has just always had a bitter taste in his mouth about the church because of that. He hasnt felt God work much in his life, or answer his prayers. But it was so sweet because Danielle testified to him about how she has seen God answer her prayers. Klint doubts that and thinks its all just coincidence but thats okay, understanding comes through time right? We had another appointment with them last night but they cancelled. 

Pioneer Day was this week! We got a call the day before that the town was putting on a parade and celebration at the park downtown. There was just like 7 companionships that got called to go help down there. We got to walk in the parade, and then give tours of historic sites down there. It was pretty fun! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures but I will get some from the other missionaries next week.

Exchanges were really great this week! We got to go with the Kaibab and Kanab sisters. Yes my stopping grounds!!!! I actually didn't go in Kaibab but we did meet up in Colorado City so that was fun. And then later in the week I went with a sister into Kanab, and we actually spent all day up in the mountains in Alton. It was really fun and such nice weather, away from St George. I am learning so much doing this, being able to learn from other sisters! I think mroe than anything Ive learned that we all have struggles, we all have challenges but God is there for us. We preach that everyday but do we realize that He is real and that He can answer our prayers as well as those we teach? I think sometimes we can become nonchalant with the gospel but why? We shouldn't be. My studies have been improving lately and it makes me so happy as I feel like that is something I have struggled with. I love being able to read from the Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel everyday. Especially the application parts in Preach my Gospel. Do you all have a Preach my Gospel? Missionary or not, I hope you do and study from it! I encourage you all to read Alma 36-38 and apply it as well. I just read those chapters this morning and my heart is so full. 

Picture directory:
- Switching back after exchanges with the Kaibab Sisters, Sister Davis and Sister Duval
- Mason, Danielle and Klints little boy
- Beautiful Alton, Utah
- Got to cross through Arizona and my old area this week :)

~Sister Allen
881 S River Rd
St George, UT 84790

- Erika and I for the last time for 1.5 years. She is heading to the MTC this week, then off to Germany! So proud of her!

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