Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014- Welcome to the Fields :)

Hiiiii, hows it going?

This week has been pretty fantastic, super long but thats okay.. time can slow down now plleeaassee :)

So my new companion is Sister Hokanson. She is from Battle Ground, Washington. Born and raised. She has been out 1 transfer less than me so apx 13 months. This is now her 3rd transfer as STL and here in the Washington Fields stake. She is so great! We get along really well!!!! I was nervous just because I didn't know her very much at all but we actually have a ton in common. And her greenie area which she was there for like 7 months was Fountain Green AKA part of the Moroni stake. So on our down time (ha, like we have any) we talk about people we both knew and taught there. Its been fun! 

So this week I will do my first exchange! I would be nervous but my first one will be with Sister Roth in her area. Sister Roth and I were companions about 1 year ago in Kaibab so I am excited to be with her for a day :) And then my 2nd exchange this week is with Sister Luebbert and in her area also. Which is Washington East. Yaayyy I get to be with my MTC companion and in one of my old areas. I honestly didnt think I would go on an exchange with either of them because we are good friends but as Sister Hokanson have prayed and pondered about it we feel like this is right. These are both great sisters so I am excited to learn from them! Oh and next week we are headed to Kanab. Ekk excited for that. I am excited for this opportunity I have to be an STL. Although it is scary and exhausting I love that my thoughts are directed more toward other sisters than myself. And I am going to learn so much from these sisters! Who isn't happy when they serve?

So we have already seen miracles happening in this area! Sister Hokanson said it was pretty slow but the last month or so it has been picking up and I have seen that in just this 1 week. 
One night we were on shift at the Visitors Center and a non-member girl from our area came in that we didn't know but luckily some sisters had showed her he Restoration DVD and Gods Plan for his family. When we heard she was living in Washington Fields they had us come close one of the movies with them. This girls name is Sarah she is 16 and said she wants to be baptized! Hello miracle! She says she will probably wait til she is a little older but is still open to the lessons now. She just needs to get permission from her parents and then she will contact us. We shall see :)
Also another night at the Visitors Center is was about 8:50pm. 10 minutes before we were closing and a guy walks in the back and introduces this couple to us. One was from Sweden and the other from Croatia and they were both very interested in family History! (Mom will be proud :) So I got them on on the computer we have there and we were able to find her grandmother. She loved it. We also found the closest family history library to them in Sweden so they could go there when they return home. We also got her contact information to followup and teach her more about our beliefs! Awesome!
I also had a chat the other night in the teaching center from a guy in Nigeria and I was able to call him the next day and I am now teaching him! How cool is that! In the Visitors Centers across the world we get to keep in contact with people from all over and teach them! Its the best ever!!!!!!!!

I just love doing the Lords work!!!!!! 
I got to go, but hope you all have a great week!!

~Sister Allen
881 S River Rd
St George, UT 84790

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