Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1, 2014- C'est quoi ton probleme?

Hiiiii, hows it going??

It's going good here in St Geezy! Learning lots of different languages here at the Visitors Center too :) Maybe not the most useful phrases but its something. Did I tell you Sister Garcia speaks 3 languages? French, Spanish, and English? Yep so shes teaching me some french and its actually really fun!

There was 2 times this week where I really have thought "If I was led by the spirit why did I not get a good result from it?" We had 2 investigators drop us this week. One was James, yes the one that we were purely led by the spirit to. I thought to myself after he dropped us "Why!? He can't drop us. The spirit led us here! The Lord knows he is ready!" I know that the spirit led us to his house and to him, but unfortunately right now he is not ready. But there had to be some reasoning for us to be led there. I know that we planted that seed for him. Right now he doesn't have that desire to find the true church but when he does I pray that he will be lead back to this church. Which I know he will because his wife is becoming more active and is just awesome!! The other one I guess was a equal dropage. Haha meaning we both kinda dropped each other. Harry and us. Sister Garcia and I realized during the lesson that he for sure is just not ready at this time either. *stab to the heart* But dont worry it gets better... Yes thats a sarcastic better.. Anyways, we were meeting with him this week with the usual clan: His wife Mary, the Pugmeyers, and our awesome ward mission leader, Brother Anderson. We talked a lot about prayers and noticing the Holy Ghost. I kept feeling prompted to ask this specific question. "Harry, if you were to receive your answer tonight what would you be willing to do?" I hesitated a little bit but finally started to ask.. "Harry, if you were to receive your answer tonight.." He cut me off with a very loud, aggressive tone of voice saying "No, no we are not going there! Do not pressure me into this!" I was in shock. Didn't know what to say. I think everyone was shocked but Sister Garcia jumped in and said something like "Harry we are not asking you these questions. We are representatives of Jesus Christ and as we ask you these questions they come from Him, not us." Honestly I don't remember exactly what happened after that because I was just focused on trying to hold my tears in. (Which I did woohoo) I have never had a situation like that on my mission where someone purely shut me down so harshly, or even more our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Yes, I have had doors slammed in my face and people say not so nice things or try to bash with us. But I was so in shock that I was led by the spirit to ask this question to one of our investigators who I have learned to love so much and then for him to just shut me down. It hurt bad. But I came to the conclusion that I needed to ask the question because Sister Garcia and I really did not know what he would do if he would actually receive an answer. We can not just beat around the bush with these people. If they are ready- great. If they are not then we need to move on and find those that are ready and open for this gospel. It reminded me of this Mormon Message called "Wrong Roads". Please watch it and maybe what I just said will make more sense haha.

Luckily we do have some investigators that are so ready and open for this gospel!
One is Kim who I have talked about before. She is still on date for August 2nd. She came to the Visitors Center this week and we showed her Gods Plan for His Family and the pictures of inside the St George Temple. It was really amazing and the spirit was there! I love her so much!

Have I mentioned before that we have a live-in senior couple to work with in our stake?? They are the best- Elder and Sister Benson. Their role is to primarily work with less actives in the stake but also team teach with us. Someone from their ward had called them and told them that their 29 year old daughter, Morgan, had just moved back in with them and she is not a member! So the Bensons went ahead and taught the Restoration to her last week and last night we went with them to teach the Plan of Salvation. It was so amazing. Oh my gosh, she is so prepared!!!!!! She has had some struggles but is working through them. She is doing the 12 step recovery program and been clean for 3 months! We put her on date last night for August 16th!!!! She is so ready. When we invited her to be baptized she said "That's weird you asked me that because I was just thinking today how many lessons or how long does it have to be before I can be baptized?" Yay we may have squealed a bit!!!!

There is more I could say but I have got to run!!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!

Transfer Calls are this Saturday!!!!!!! So I could be on either Monday, Tuesday, orWednesday next week!

Picture Directory:
- We had to get Ice Cream while we were tracting from the Ice cream lady #childhood
- Classic car pic
- Us with our favorite, Alice!

~Sister Allen
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