Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

Hellloooo, hows it going?

This week has been so extremely eventful that I cant even hardly remember a thing. Ha lets give it a try..

Last week I didn't even talk about any of those we are teaching so I'll give you the low down now.

So we have Jay and Kerry! Jay is a less-active member and his wife, Kerry is not a member and they have 1 kid together (Zoey-2) but he has 3 from a previous marriage. Anyways can I just saw how much I love this family! Sis Hokanson and her last companion had started teaching them just a few weeks before I came in. Jay referred himself on so obviously he is just so ready to become active again! And his wife, Kerry wasn't super open at first but she is totally warming up and had been keeping her commitments! She works at Walmart on the weekends but tries to get off for just 1 hour so she can make sacrament. So far she has succeeded once! This week for one of the lessons we taught them the Word of Wisdom. They both have a problem with coffee but have committed to pray about it.. I know, not as committal as we would like but we will see. When we were talking about the Word of Wisdom Jay said something like "You know I haven't even drunken beer since I started meeting with you and reading the Book of Mormon? I don't even know why, I just haven't." He is truly becoming converted and its not because of us but because of the power of the Book of Mormon! He is so into it right now and it just makes my heart melt! He just has a non-stop smile when we are there. 

We are also working with Trish, and her 2 kids- Berlin and Cruz. Trish and Berlin are less-active and Cruz (9) has not been baptized yet. It has been so fun to teach them because although Trish has been a member her whole life she has had so many questions! The Plan of Salvation lesson has been my favorite so far with her. There was a few times where she would say something like "Oh that makes so much sense!" I love when they recognize the Holy Ghost working on them to help them remember these things they once knew! Funny story with Trish. We were supposed to have another appointment Saturday night and she texted us cancelling because their hamster had been missing for 1 week but they started to smell him AKA they had a dead hamster missing somewhere in their house!!!! Luckily she had her dad come over with his dog to find it!

Another investigator we have is Eric. Ooohhh Eric. He is a hoot! He used to be in the Marines so is very much a logical thinker. We are trying to get him to listen to the spirit rather than his mind but hes getting there. Unfortunately I have missed the last 2 lessons with him because of exchanges. But he is progressing for sure! And he has the best fellowshipper, his girlfriend and her little 5 kids. Eric is currently not having coffee for 1 week. Pray for him :)

We are also teaching a cute girl named Bree(11). Her mother is less-active but is so ready to become active again! Bree is on date for August 9th! We had a fun lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the Visitors Center yesterday using pictures so we had a walking tour/lesson. She is so cute, always asking what she can read before we come back again.

Yesterday (Sunday) was crazy at the Visitors Center! We got there for our shift and all the sudden 4 French buses and 1 Italian bus pulls up! The lines for the bathrooms were insane! So Sister Hokanson and I marched them over to the church building across the street. Hahaha you should've seen us! We had like 25 French/Italian women following us and neither of us speak either of those languages and there was church going on. One lady asked what the building was and we told her it was a church. And she said "Church you teach? Temple you pray?" It was so cute! Afterward we had her go talk to a french sister to explain it more and she was just so happy! I just wish so badly I could have talked to them. Next time I'll pray for the gift of tongues ;)

Well, I wanted to talk about my exchanges with 2 of the most fantastic sisters but I am running out of time! I am so grateful for this opportunity though because I have just learned so much from both of them, and we got 2 more this week!

~Sister Allen

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